04 January 2013

One Boy, No Water

by Lehua Parker

Sorry it has been so long since I have written. I’ve been on vacation and my vacation includes vacation away from computers. I had a wonderful time with family, and books. During the two weeks of Christmas vacation I read six books, and it is one of those that I want to review today. This book is actually written by a friend of mine and I am glad that I have gotten to know her better over the course of the year.

ONE BOY, NO WATER is the first book in a middle grade series. It is written by Lehua Parker, who grew up on Hawaii. She brings to the table something I don’t often see in books meant for the age group. The characters speak in the common pidgin English found on the islands. While this might not make it the best for children using books to gain a greater grasp of proper English, it makes the book more real, and by the end I hardly realized the broken grammar. That was just how they speak and it made them endearing. (My favorite is listening to Lehua read it. That really brings the cadence to life.)

ONE BOY, NO WATER is about Zader, a boy who is allergic to water. His past is a mystery since he was found on the reef. Every time his skin comes in contact with water, including condensation from a soda can, his skin burns and turns rough. After a few minutes the burning sensation leaves and new skin regrows. Zader loves art and his practically twin brother, Jay, loves to surf. Zader is stuck watching from a distance because the water is so dangerous. Yet even on the shore, Zader’s peace is threatened by the Niuhi sharks lurking in the deep.

I want the next book. This one gives some great conclusions, yet the end leaves everything wide open. One of my favorite things is the fact that Lehua doesn’t shy away from the Hawaiian language. At the beginning of every chapter she introduces a new phrase. While I can’t pronounce half of the phrases, I loved the added layer of information.

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  1. Aloha, Emily!
    Mahalo nui loa for your kind words about my odd little book. I'm so glad you liked it. Stay warm!