08 August 2014

Not so Funny

Midnight. The Wife and Husband are driving home. It has been a long day and the Wife is trying to stay awake.

Wife: Oh, guess what?

Husband: What?

Wife: After I dropped you off this morning guess what I saw.

Husband: What?

Wife: There was a FedEx truck in front of me and when I turned the corner there was a UPS truck.

Husband: And?

Wife: So I came up with a joke.


Wife: What do you get when you cross a FedEx truck with a UPS truck?

Husband: I don't know.

Wife: FedUp.

Husband: Oh.

Wife: (laughing hysterically) Oh here's another. I feel like I'm caught between a FedEx truck and a UPS truck.


Wife: I'm FedUp!

Husband: Almost home. We are almost home.

Hysterical laughter continues.