Published Works

In the Shimmering
An anthology from the League of Utah Writers. I have two stories in there, "Pretty" and "Birth".

Sept 2013 available at

Words to Paint With
An anthology from the League of Utah Writers. I have two stories in there, "Yellow Duck" and "Never Forgotten".

Aug 2012 available at

Shaping Societies: Technology and Its Effects
An essay on incorporating the positive and negative effects of technology into your world.

June 2012 in Eighth Day Genesis: A Worldbuilding Codex available at

Forgotten Memories
If you could forget a memory, what would you choose?

May 2012 at

Seeing Fireflies
A young girl spends her birthday with her father and neither of them are happy.

April 2012 in the Provo Orem Word April 2012 issue. This is a combination and updated version of the stories found on my website

Austen is now an adult and learning to fight against the robots. He decides instead of waiting for the bots to kill those he loves, he will take the fight to them. This is the final story in my steam punk apocalyptic world.

April 2012 in the third volume of The Crimson Pact available from

In this sequel to Run, Austen is a child living in the world the living robots have destroyed. As he and his mother move from city to city, he learns of the men who stand against the machines.

1 September 2011 in the second volume of The Crimson Pact available from

Molly and her husband must flee their home as living robots bomb the city. Molly wonders if their unborn child will have a future as everything crashes down around them.

20 March 2011 in the first volume of The Crimson Pact available from

Bloody Truth
Steven is a private investigator who enjoys working on insurance fraud cases. When the daughter of murdered woman shows up on his doorstep claiming her mother's death is linked to the most recent murder attempt he examines the evidence and notices a few things don't add up.

15 November 2010 in the mystery anthology The Wrong Side of the Law available from

Painted Death
Doreen is forced to paint brutal pictures of death and destruction and the universe bends to make them come true. With her captor continually looking over her shoulder as she works, can she paint a picture that will set her free?

31 July 2010 in the fantasy anthology A World of Their Own available from