27 January 2010

Praying for Dead Rabbits

When I was young, my siblings and I convinced my parents to buy us a pet. Since my parents had some difficulty with a dog before I was born, they decided that we should get a less rambunctious animal. We got a cute pet rabbit.

I thought the rabbit was really cool, until I tried to take him on the walk and I ended up dragging him around the block. We thought he liked to snuggle in the crook of our arms, until we found out he was nibbling on our shirts. He would run away from us, hide behind the couch, and nibble on the couch ruffle or power cords. We learned very quickly that we would have to put him in his cage backwards because if he knew that he was going back in his hutch, he would struggle to get out. My older sister still has a few faint scars on her arm where he succeeded.

My little sister was born after we had the rabbit for several years. She wanted a dog (which I mentioned in an earlier post). There was one Christmas that she asked my mother for a dog. My mother said no because we had the rabbit and getting a dog would probably kill the rabbit from stress. She came back to my mother a few days later and asked, “Would it be wrong to pray for a dog? That would mean I would be praying for Foggy’s death.”

She does have her dog now. The rabbit lived for almost fifteen years. I am actually surprised he lived that long since we weren’t the best caretakers.

20 January 2010

Baseballs and Engagements

Planning for the future is intimidating. I know what I want to happen and I can put all kind of effort into making it happen but a lot does depend on other people, the economy, or even the weather. Thinking about the future that was is rather depressing. Thinking about the future may or may not increase the probability of anything but at least I will enjoy life more.

Enough philosophizing, more stories. (Now I have to think of one. Wow, I can’t think of one, I may have to go back to philosophizing.)

I am very grateful to my in-laws. When my brother in-law turned eighteen he received a baseball and bat for his birthday. We all went out back to pitch and hit the ball back and forth to each other. I was at bat and my brother-in-law was pitching. I am not very good at batting and I missed the pitch. Because I miss the ball sailed towards the basement bathroom window and broke one pane of the double paned window. They didn’t really say anything at the time but now they joke that I am perfect for my husband. He has broken multiple windows. I hope that I don’t break anything else.

I just thought of another story to tell that kind of goes along with the previous story.

I was engaged twice, to my husband. I met my husband right after my second year of college. We were both dating someone at the time but I thought my husband was really sweet. When school started up again we were both single and started to date. He took me to see a movie, which I had already seen before but I wanted to make a good impression. I lied. I told him that I hadn’t seen the movie before.

The movie had some parts that were startling and as we waited for the movie I was trying to decide if I should be a cutesy girl that could cuddle up when I got scared or if I should be tough and not phased by anything. One of the previews was for a scary movie and my husband whispered that he liked scary movies. My choice was made. I was going to be tuff. I was enjoying the movie thoroughly until the first startling scene happened. I was anticipating it and when it happened, I was so startled I flinched and elbowed my husband hard in the chest. I mean I hit him really hard. I guess it ended up alright he put his arm around my shoulders for the rest of the evening.

It was nearly a year later that I actually admitted to having seen the movie before.

13 January 2010

Facebook and Twitter

I just recently deleted my Facebook account. I didn't have much use for it and I decided I didn't want to worry about my personal information on the web. (Slightly ironic I know because I have a blog that I write in every week but I don't use names or have pictures.) More people have asked me in the last two weeks whether I have a Facebook account than during the whole year that I had it. When I tell them that I did but no longer, they ask why I got rid of it. I didn't have a reason to keep it, that is why I got rid of it. I never updated anything and there were times that people would send me messages on my wall instead of emailing me or calling me. I am sorry if people have to work harder to get a hold of me. I just didn't like it and saw no real purpose.

I have a Twitter account. (Note: I got rid of the account last week 3 March) Before you think anything, let me add that I got it because my co-worker wanted more followers for one of our work project thingys on Twitter. Ask me how many times I have tweeted, NONE. (And I'm proud of it.) I haven't done anything with it since I created the account. I refuse to be a TWIT. Don't even ask about Linked In or My Space.

Now I realize I have to be careful what I write in my blog because it is search engineable. (Not a word I know but I thought it looked really cool.) I have been using Google Analytics because I heard it was cool. I found out that someone from Finland searched for the quote I have at the bottom of my bio. Hmm . . . I didn't think about the fact that all of my bad spelling and grammar will now be searchable. I have also learned to fear just doing searches on the internet. With Google Analytics I can see all kinds of information about the people who visit my site. Location, date, time spent on site, how long they stay, what search engine they used, what words they searched. Kind of scary.

I just realized that this blog has the possibility of becoming messy when as people use search engines. So I am going to do something dumb so I won't get people coming to the site unexpectedly.

06 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

A new year means new opportunities. When I was in school I always went by the school calendar and didn’t focus as much on the yearly calendar. Now that I don’t have a summer break I have realized the “coolness” of January 1. There have been times throughout my life when I had depression and didn’t think there was any enjoyment to my life. What a mistake that was. I don’t really like to read my journal entries from back then because I was so dull. Okay my journal entries are probably still dull but at least I am trying to enjoy my life more. With the beginning of the new year comes new plans and new dreams. I already have activities planned out for as late as Oct that I am working towards. It has never been a good idea to live in the future but it isn’t a bad thing to work towards it.

I know that I may fall short of some of my lofty goals but, by golly, I am going to do what I can to make them happen and I know that I won’t regret it. Fear isn’t going to stop me this year.