11 March 2015

And She Wins the Blue Ribbon


The Wife uses her key card to let the class back into the school. The student teacher is holding the door open.

Student (to Student Teacher): How come you can't open the door?

Student Teacher: Because the Wife is special and they gave her a card.

Student: You're right. She is special. She is great at art.

Student Teacher: Yes. She is.

Student: And she's good at dancing. That's why they gave it to her.

Student Teacher: Yep. I'm not good at art or dancing. I should work on that.




The wife at school. A new cub scout in the Husband's pack runs up.

Scout: I'm coming to scouts tonight.

Wife: That's great. It is at our house at 7.

Scout: Okay. I will leave my house at 6:30.

Wife. You live across the street. You can leave your house at 7.

Scout: But I don't want to be late.

Wife: I'm glad you're excited. Why don't you leave your house at 6:55?

Scout: I think I can do that.