28 August 2013

My Head's a Whirl

This week has been full of changes. Some of them were expected, others weren't. Due to the fact that we are going to be getting children any day now, I realized my career was not suitable for being home for kids. I started looking for other possible jobs. Last week was hectic and yesterday my labors bore fruit. I have a new job, and I am keeping my old job, temporarily. That change was wanted and needed.

The change that was unexpected was the fact that my publisher had to close their doors. My first thought was that I hoped they would be able to find jobs. I have made several friends and I know how scary it can be being unemployed. I have been rewriting my novel this summer and had a goal of finishing it by the end of September. I am well on my way, but I would have cut it a little close for comfort. I am proud to say I have never missed a writing deadline. When I received news I was oddly relieved. I am sad that my book will not be on a shelf, but at the same time, now I have more time to dedicate to it to make it good, plus I don't feel bad working on other novels.

Moose has already asked when I am going to submit again. It may be sooner than he thinks. . .

23 August 2013

Pillow Pets

Our cat, Pooka, has developed a taste for luxury. She has always loved sheets. When we make the bed on Saturday she is always in the middle of it, sitting on the sheets. When we got our guest bed we got new sheets. Some may argue that the new sheets should be for the guest bed, but we decided we wanted to get our money's worth out of them. They are soft and silky, and Pooka loves them.

Pooka has learned how to get her own piece of the luxury. Moose can't sleep if something/someone is touching him. So, Pooka climbs up to the top of the bed and stretches out. Moose, not wanting to be touched, scrunches down. A few minutes later, Pooka inches down and then stretches again. This process continues throughout the night. It seems once every week or so I wake to see Pooka curled up on the pillow and Moose curled up at the bottom of the bed trying to keep from being touched.

14 August 2013

Purchase Price

This weekend my brother, Bubbo, and his wife, Bluey, came to visit us. They wanted to get out of the heat and spend some time with us. While they were here they introduced us to a show they enjoy called PERSON OF INTEREST. It has been on the air for several years now and they had purchased the first season because they enjoyed it so much. As Moose and I have been watching it, we came to the conclusion that it would be a series we would enjoy owning.

My boss and I enjoy similar books and shows. On Monday I to her about PERSON OF INTEREST and she said she was surprised that we hadn't watched it earlier. When I mentioned that we would buy it she was shocked.

"You know basic cable doesn't cost that much. Why don't you just subscribed and you can watch them as the air and save money?"

I clamped my jaw shut and turned back to my monitor.

Let's do a little math, shall we?

If basic cable is only $20 a month that equals $240 a year. Moose and I buy used or late. (If you wait a year to buy a series it normally drops in price.) Moose and I own 8 seasons of NCIS. I know I didn't spend more than $30 dollars a season. That equals, at most, $240. Granted we only buy shows we know we are going to re-watch. If you don't like reruns than spending the money on cable may be the right choice but we get more of our money's worth by using the free streaming sites and spending our money on the shows we like.

It all comes down to what each person considers valuable. For Moose and I, we will stick to adding DVDs and Blurays to our shelves.

07 August 2013

Out to Eat

Moose and I watch a lot of cooking shows including: Mystery Diners and Restaurant Stakeout. One of the things they always mention is that you have to keep the customers happy. Moose and I like going on dates including going out to dinner. We have been impressed with several restaurants over the years.

CAFE SABOR, Logan - One night we were forgotten after we got our drinks. Then Moose's meal wasn't fired when mine was. The manager came over and apologized profusely. They comped Moose's meal as well as gave us a free dessert.

GATEWAY GRILL, Kamas - We ordered a steak to split between us. We asked for an exfra plate so I could have a surface to eat on. They brought out the steak already split. They had two plates and each had a full serving of sides. They did not charge extra even though they gave us more food.

And the most surprising COSTA VIDA, Logan - For those who haven't been, Costa Vida is fast food. We showed up one night to be told they had run out of rice and it would be ready in twenty minutes. We wandered around a nearby store and came back. When we sat down with our food a cook brought us a free dessert and thanked us for coming back.

We are more willing to go to a restaurant if the service is good, even if the food is better somewhere else.